FiatFunbucks $2F Note


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This is an original Two Dollar of FiatFunbuck ($2F) drawn and painted by the Dabu Doodles Secretary of the Finance and Treasury, Erik Reichenbach. The currency features a prominent FiatFunbucks Representative, and first Artificial Intelligence Elected official, Robot Rob Robertson on the day he took office in Trump’s divided QAnon America. It is valued at $2F (As of 2020 = to $2 US Dollar) and is roughly 6 x 2.5 Inches. It is painted in Watercolor and inked with black and white permanent inks.

Shipping is based on location and print size. This is a one of a kind FiatFunbuck Currency Note.

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 6 × .1 in

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